For those of you who are interested in my Uganda trip, I have posted another backblip here!

I'm still up to my eyeballs and beyond in photos from Uganda and I've been having trouble writing to the hard drive they are stored on. There was no problem importing them into Lightroom and processing them but I was unable to export the finished article back onto the hard drive - major frustration!!! Anyway, this morning I cracked it! It turns out the solution was simple (when you know it!) - it was just a matter of downloading and running some software - so now I can begin to sort them in earnest! All 6958 of them (Yes, I know NickyR - less is more :))..... I can tell you there is a very high reject rate because I insisted on taking photos from the car which was bouncing about on the often deeply rutted roads (lots of blur on those occasions when I even managed to capture the desired subject in the frame) and also in near darkness without flash (resulting in more blur and huge quantities of noise). Ah, well, there will hopefully be a few hundred overall that I am happy with!

Anyway, the rest of the day has been spent pleasurably with my Wednesday friends having a late morning coffee and catch up, then lunch out and strolls along the beach - the weather was glorious!

End of the afternoon and I was delivering the first of the photos, so that they can be used in newsletters or on the website of the school I visited. 

And now an evening with friends at home group, which will no doubt be lovely, but I confess to being rather tired - I think I'm still readjusting after my hectic two weeks away!

Many thanks for the lovely comments, stars and hearts for yesterday's blip - I'm so pleased you liked it!

Ann :))

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