Street art

G had an appointment in Victoria, so I had some time to wander around downtown while I waited.  I stopped to admire this street art and asked the artist if I could take his picture.   I included a closer look at his work in the extra.  
I talked to the artist for quite a long time, and he was a really interesting guy who comes from back east but spends most of his time in BC and Alberta now.  He went to art college in Ontario.  He makes a decent living from doing art like this, and said that he has a roof over his head, running water and enough to eat.  We agreed that having and appreciating the small things in life is enough.  I learned quite a bit about Vermeer from him!
I would go crazy living in a city with so many opportunities for street photography.  In just over half an hour, I took far too many photos.  I chose this one because I had engaged with the artist.  I'm looking forward to looking at the rest tomorrow, maybe put some on Flickr.  
After G's appointment, we went for lunch at one of our favourite restaurants in Victoria then went in search of a snow shovel.  We need a replacement , and yes, it does feel like it might snow overnight.  Most of the last snowfall has melted and I'm not really ready for more!  

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