Easy Like Sunday Morning

This is a pretty rubbish grainy photo but I love it!!
I came down this morning and was greeted by the sight - from left to right - of Archie, Miss L, Toothless and Miss E. All completely engrossed in Harry Potter on Audible and their joined Minecraft worlds. 
A year ago today since we brought Archie home!!! Best decision we've ever made. I suppose it should have been a photo of him today but it's very tricky to get a decent picture of him!!
After a lazy day it was party time. Miss L had a disco and fireworks party in Milton Keynes and I took her over early so we could go to Sports Direct and get her a new mouthguard . And new trainers for Miss E.
Then I dropped her off at her party and went to get a cup of tea and listen to the football.
2-0 up in the 64th minute.
Lost 3-2. Aaaaaaghhhhhhhhh, so annoying!!!!!
I went back to the party so I could watch the fireworks. I'd been expecting a few rockets for the kids to oooh and aaaah over but, my God, it was amazing - like a professional display!!!! And there was sparkler fun too!
It went on much longer than I was expecting and we had to rush to get home in time for the fireworks display near our house.
As we drove towards home we saw the fireworks starting which Miss L loved. It was a shame we couldn't just pull up and watch them from the toasty car because it was absolutely freezing outside!!!
We parked up and dashed to the playing fields. Just in time to see the last few minutes of the display!!
We caught up with Miss E and Mr K who were already there, I handed over Miss L and then went back to get the car while they walked home. 
By this time I was freezing, tired and grumpy so I slumped about on the sofa while Mr K made them a dinner of meatballs and went off to read Harry Potter before bed.

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