Its a Winner - at last

I unexpectedly got a cheque in the post this morning.  One of my Premium Bonds had " come up".  Its taken a while for it to pay out any money  - 66 years in fact.  My Grandad bought this bond for me just after I was born in 1951.  I think he would be pleased that I have finally won some money on it.

( By the way I wouldn't bother sending a begging letter - I only won £25)

I have done a bit of abstract processing on the photo to fit in with Abstract Thursday - the theme today is " natural surprise".  Well naturally I was surprised to win money on my premium bond!. Thanks to Ingeborg for hosting.

I was woken up quite early by the postman ringing the doorbell so I decided just to stay up.  I did a few chores and then walked down to the village to bank my cheque.  Then I got the bus to The Metrocentre.  I needed to buy a new washing line as mine broke a few days ago. I got one in Wilkinsons.   I popped into M & S to get some salmon.  I also posted a couple of birthday cards and a parcel. 

Back home to eat the salmon- with some salad  - and then enjoy an evening in front of the TV.

Steps today - 8,560

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