Flower Friday

My day didn’t quite got to plan.  I had a medical appointment mid-morning which got in the way of a run, but as BB was going to play football with friends after school, I thought I would fit a run in at lunchtime.  Just as I was getting ready to head off to my appointment a friend texted to say she was in town for a  physio appointment.  We got our appointment out of the ay and met up in a local café and had a lovely catch up – as we haven’t seen each other for ages.

I already had a plan to meet another friend this afternoon, and we were meeting in the same café.  We also hadn’t seen each other for ages and had a lovely late lunch and catch up, until the boys turned up – starving, chilly and remarkably still full of energy after a couple of hours kicking a football.  They chose cakes and devoured them.  We then went our separate ways and headed home.

My next chore was to re-position  a badge on his Scout uniform before I took him to Scouts. 

Here is a flower for Flower Friday.  I think it would have originally been a gas lamp – but it now an electric light.  

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