The days seem to be alternating at the moment between glorious Autumn sunshine and wet, miserable, grey, damp gloom.
Today was wet, miserable, grey, damp and gloomy. Uuughhhh!!!!!!
I had a taster session first thing at a play group in Upper Heyford. When I was growing up in Bicester it was a huge US Air Force base and the American soldiers were a big part of life. We took them in as lodgers for years and I particularly remember lovely Chuck who lived with us. In my mind's eye he looks like Richard Gere in An Officer and a Gentleman!! 
The other great thing about having all the Americans around was the fact that on a Sunday or late at night (after 7pm!!!!) you could go up to "the American shop" on the estate where all the Americans live. And it was open!!!!!! It was always open!
And it sold Reese's peanut butter cupcakes which were definitely worth the walk!!
Its a Tesco Express now!
Anyway the taster went well. Apart from the fact that I dropped my cheat sheet down the back of a huge cupboard (in a manoeuvre so bizarre and hard to explain that I won't even bother trying!!!!!) so had to quickly write it all out again. While thanking God all my laminate animals hadn't fallen down there too. It was close!!
Then it was home to take Archie out. He got soaked and filthy so thought it was the best walk ever!!
Brownies again for Miss E tonight. So I had the chance for a lovely couple of hours snuggled up with Miss L under a blanket watching The Deep.
Iced Spiced buns when Mr K got home. He's ace!!!!

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