Walking Wombat

By WWombat

Swane's Nursery

Believe it or not, this is a nursery. It's the area that welcomes you when you arrive at Swane's Nursery in Dural. I have been frequenting this particular nursery since the early 1980's but not as often since I moved to the Blue Mountains. It's almost a 2 hour drive, so not really my go to nursery. We needed to drive down today to visit the irrigation shop that has all the equipment we need to keep the Billabong in good order, so there was no way that I would miss calling in to see the wonderful display of spring flowers.

I'm sure my blip buddy Snowy would be interested to know that Swane's are quite famous for their roses and the gardens are just full of the most spectacular blooms. I used to love listening to Valerie Swane on the radio on most Saturday mornings. Valerie was a wealth of knowledge, particular when it came to roses.

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