Walking Wombat

By WalkingWombat

Sunny Gnome

Sunny Gnome has a special place in our house. Up until recently he has been sitting proudly on a shelf in the kitchen overseeing all that happens in that domain. I decided it was time for a "garden change" for Sunny and for the past couple of weeks he has been keeping an eye on our veggie/flower combo outside the kitchen window.

Sunny earnt his right to retire at Wombat Hollow after accompanying me to every meeting I was required to attend as President of our Rotary Club in 2011/12. For the entire 12 months Sunny would oversee the weekly meeting and even made an overseas flight to Fiji when I had the great privilege of joining an Interplast Medical Team as a Rotarian observer on one of their trips to Fiji. Believe it or not he is the only gnome to be allowed in an operating theatre while the plastic surgeons produced their miracle with a young fellow who was having his cleft palate operated on. He became quite famous during his stint as my offsides.

It was quite late in the afternoon when Sunny reminded me that I didn't have a blip and that it was flower Friday. He happily agreed to step up to the plate and help me with my pic. I think he secretly was quite keen to introduce himself to Biker Bear. I hope all of my blip buddies have a wonderful weekend.

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