Had a nice lie in this morning - I needed it as I went to bed far too late.  ( Online shopping is addictive)

I decided to go to Lidl this afternoon so I got the bus to Swalwell.  Its a bit of a walk to Lidl from the bus stop and there are a few ways to get there.  I chose to walk past this derelict building so I could blip it for Derelict November ( 2 in the same week - I'm on a roll )

This building on Brewery Bank used to be Swalwell Social Club - or Working Mens Club.  It opened just before the start of the Second World War.  During the time it was open it has defied the bombs of the Luftwaffe, beaten depression, recession and the credit crunch, seen off the threat of the trendy wine bar, the smoking ban and cut-price supermarket booze. Sadly it had to close  its doors in 2010 -  financially ruined after becoming embroiled in a costly legal wrangle.  I wouldn't even know where to start trying to explain how the club became penniless but it did and since 2010 it has remained empty and derelict.  Then in November 2011 it was deliberately set on fire - the culprits were never found. Probably just a bunch of local hooligans. You can see from my blip shots what a sad state its in at the moment. ( Mind you I think you will agree that it was a really ugly building even before the fire damage )

I did visit this club a few times when Douglas and I lived in Swalwell in 1981/1982. We lived very close to it.  However we preferred walking up the bank to Whickham Working Men's Club.  My Dad used to go there so we could see him... and the " acts " seemed to be better at Whickham.  We used to love the live music on a Saturday night. And playing bingo of course.

I had a successful shopping trip to Lidl.  I even got a few things to put away for Chris later in the year.

Back home to eat salmon and salad for my tea and watch Strictly, X Factor and Jonathan Ross. 

Weather was bright today but cold.

Steps today - 5,229

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