a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Three against a November sky

Of to Charfield for a lovely lunch at my sister Janet's today.  After lunch Incredibish got the whisky out over coffee, and he and I tasted some of the Ardbeg treasures that came back from our little motorcycle trip to Islay earlier this year...and very wonderful they were too.

A walk was definitely called for at this stage, to freshen us all up (and stop us falling asleep in the chair).  Mark and I both took our cameras but he had a flat battery in his for some reason.  It was golden hour by the time we set off, and after sunset by the time we got back, and this shot of three trees silhouetted against the horizon makes a very pleasing blip shot for what was a very relaxing and enjoyable afternoon.

During the course of the afternoon, Incredibish and I did get around to starting to plan (or plot even) a return to the Western Isles on motorbikes for some stage in 2018, so hopefully that will come to fruition in due course ...

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