Had to go to Wetherby this morning to fill up with fuel as the car was bleeping at me with ever increasing alarm as I drove home yesterday - all this driving up and down the A1 soon eats through a tankful - even at 55 mpg! Off to Darlington tomorrow….

Popped into supermarket for a few bits for tomorrow’s lunch.

Then home, a coffee and out for a dog walk.

Spotted this cockerel in a field alongside the woods - a few moments earlier he had been crowing loudly, but stopped as soon as I pointed the camera at him.

Home for a late lunch then a walk to the village to collect some medication.

Washed the car (an all too infrequent occurrence) as it was filthy.

Updated my computer with the new Firefox Quantum browser - but sadly it has broken the modifications I had in place to make nasty white blip look like the old grey blip. I haven’t had the time to look at the scripts to see what is happening - but I suspect that they have rewritten / removed one of the features that the script was using.

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