Another early start – however it all backfired on me. I realised that I hadn’t made anything for BB to take with him for an early tea at after school club, so was distracted by that and knew I was unlikely to make my bus, so I headed out a bit later to get the next one – except it didn’t appear.  Having waited long enough on it, I decided to cut my losses and went to wait on TT  dropping BB at breakfast club, He was very surprised to see me.  We then headed off to get the train – which did turn up!

Work was busy, there was a lot going on, and I ended up staying later than I wanted to, but at least it allowed me to get a piece of work finished.  I didn’t manage to retrieve that document that I was having trouble with yesterday, but managed to pull most of it together again.

BB and TT were just back from BB’s football when I eventually got home.  Before he went to bed BB told me he would be up early, dressed, breakfasted and ready for school before I even get up.  If it happens it will be a first!

I think I have blipped one of these before.  I do love these Jenners windowsills.  Alas I don’t think they sell haberdashery any more.


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