By SecondSeason


I came across this floral display on my walk through a local park and felt pulled in to take a closer look.  I saw that in the centre of the table was a plaque in honour of a gentleman named Tony V.  Born November 15, 1936 deceased November 1, 2016.   Along with his name, date of birth and death, it stated he was a loving Husband, Father & Gramps with the last line reading  “Memories are forever”.  What a loving tribute.

Many of our parks give opportunity to donate a bench or table in memory of a loved one who has passed.  It may be in a favourite park or trail or at a viewpoint that was special and holds a treasured memory, giving those close to the deceased a place to sit and remember.  I think it’s a beautiful gesture as were these flowers undisturbed and honoured by those who passed by.

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