Sunday morning

Taken this morning in the grounds of Wortley Hall after I'd collected the paper from the Post Office. I quite liked the contrast of the children against the statue.

I brilliantly blue day today, no wind and quite warm. Our usual visit to Cannon Hall for lunch today where an alternative blip for me might have been the Canada Geese which were nose to tail on the lake - there have clearly been new arrivals this week.

What I would have like to have blipped was the Sparrowhawk that flew over the garden as I was tidying outside. There was such a squawking and carrying on and when I looked up it had an upside down starling in its claws. It was possibly distracted by my presence which allowed the starling to escape. The sparrowhawk briefly settled on the fence, gave me a look as if to say, `that was my tea' and promptly flew off.

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