Desperately seeking

By clickychick

Solace Day 8

All packed up! The boat has been thoroughly cleaned ready for its valeting and we are travelling back home after an absolutely amazing week. 

I've never, in the 9 years we've been on narrowboats had a week where we've seen kingfishers every day! Thanks for all your encouraging comments. Apart from that, The Daughter has done everything she could to make life easy for me.

Today I should be blipping the lovely, calm sunrise in the marina but, when we got home, feathers flew! Birds in the garden darted in all directions. "We must have had a sparrowhawk!" I said. Yes, it was still hiding deep in a tree.

Again, a bird flung itself onto the window glass. We dashed to see. By this time I had the 400mm on and caught blurred shots of it in flight. However, it landed in the Birds' Cherry and stayed. It just HAD to be my blip, I rarely see these birds and I've certainly NEVER photographed one before.

So, safely home now, but slow in catching up and getting my blips done.

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