Corridor of Power

Well, that’s Sunday into history.

Apart from housework and ice hockey, not much happened.

The good news - laundry and ironing is up to date; I’ve made spiced apple, quince and potato soup for dinner tomorrow and Tuesday; Caps beat Coventry to end a 12 game losing streak.

Caps’ change in fortunes coincided with the 4 injured players returning and signing a new Latvian defender. The Blip is the Coventry players getting ready to hit the ice at the start.

Taylor Jr was playing in Nottingham tonight. The game must be just about finished. A 6 hour drive back to Edinburgh afterwards. They’ll pass Coventry on the M6.

I came across this lovely Blip saga on Twitter.

Ulva Ferry

Ulva Ferry is the tiny community on the Mull “mainland” opposite Ulva - the island. Mike Russell is now the minister responsible for the Brexit dealings with London, poor soul. He knows what he’s doing, which must make things tough. 

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