200 MonoMondays

Well I thought something special to celebrate MM200, and this is the ‘Dog’s Biscuit’ – or have I got my metaphors muddled up a little . . .
Had a bad end to the day with BullGuard insisting that it needs Windows Firewall running to work!  We have gone to BullGuard from Kaspersky to remove the Russian control at the same time avoiding the American control only to find that BullGuard only works with the American control active!!!  Unfortunately it appears that Windows Firewall has possibly never worked on our Mac in Bootcamp since we have had it – many years now.  Trying to correct now – HOWEVER!!  Kaspersky has worked perfectly since just before installing BullGuard.  We will see what tomorrow brings.
Many thanks to Marlieske for hosting MonoMonday – well I didn’t crib your idea completely . . .

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