By Leiflife

Anna's Haven...And Mine

This is what I found behind Anna's house when I arrived in Indianola on Monday. A Cypress bayou: a large dose of natural beauty that would nourish this nature addict through four days of challenging and extraordinary encounters with my fellow humans. I shared myself, my father, and my life experiences again and again with people I had never met before (except for one unexpected and delightful lady named Josephine). And I found no strangers. I read from my book, recited one about my naming, signed endless copies for appreciative audience members. And through it all I was accompanied by the beautiful patient, and tenderhearted Anna. Each time we returned to her lovely abode, we were met by her elegant cat: velvet black with golden eyes. An indoor, outdoor creature named Lily; she was almost as welcoming as Anna.

I took countless photographs over the five days, and I came home pretty exhausted. There will be other blips from my trip. Appearing in my usual slow fashion...

One extra of the Cypress bayou... The knees always look like gatherings of people to me.

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