If you can't beat them...

By Jerra

Solace Day 6

A lock with more interest than most.  This "Toll Keepers Watch Tower" adds an interesting feature.  I assume it was a similar idea to the lock keeper's cottage.  A man lived there who kept an eye on the lock and collected tolls (in the days of commercial traffic) of the boats passing through the lock.  There are various toll buildings around the network but I don't know of one as impressive and well maintained as this.

There is a boatyard up stream of the lock (behind me as I took the shot) originally it was a wharf for loading and unloading cargo.  The wharf is to the left in the extra.

The road beyond the watch tower that the canal passes under is Watling Street.  Gailey is in Staffordshire and existed in the Doomsday Book era.

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