We had our walk shortly after breakfast but we kept to the surfaced paths and grass verges around the village to avoid the the muddy byways.

I stopped on the way past the church to grab this view across the graveyard. Gloomy skies with low light levels meant a low shutter speed so I held the camera against a lamppost for support! Another one for the "104 Things To Photograph" series (not all blipped).

Waiting in this afternoon for a fitter to call to replace two front tyres on my car..I really can’t run them much lower now that winter is approaching even though they are still legal (2mm tread left). Decided it is better to wait in the comfort of my armchair than the draughty and cold waiting room at the garage! Annoyingly the mobile fitter I have used for the last ten years is no longer operating and his ‘franchisor’ no longer covers my area (even though they still send me emails) - so I had to book with a national chain, the ones that “you can’t fit quicker than”.

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