WideAngle Wednesday: R-ecurrent leaf litter

A busy mainly indoor day as I'm waiting in for some early "Black Friday" mail-order deliveries (an extra hard drive for all my photos, and a pressure washer for the garden). What's more, the weather isn't exactly tempting to go out for long!

Yesterday I took delivery of a 9mm fisheye lens for my Olympus. Blip buddy riversider (many thanks John!) recommended it as it's relatively cheap (even more so on eBay, where I was lucky enough to buy it) and of quite acceptable quality in spite of having a fixed aperture of f8 and only 3 (manual) focus positions. So of course I had to try it out for today's WideAngle Wednesday.

This month we're supposed to link our WidWed shots to the first or last letter of NovembeR (or the number 11, for the 11th month).  So this shot in the garden shows that there's been a moderate R-ecurrence of leaf fall on our lawn, after all my efforts with the rake on Sunday. I sort of expected this anyway, and it's still much better than it was before my efforts. It won't take long to re-do sometime!

Many thanks as always to Bobsblips, our wonderful WidWed host :-)

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