Abstract Thursday: Togetherness

The AT theme for today is "togetherness" (thanks as always to Ingeborg for hosting).

I seem to be basing a number of my Abstract Thursday blips on swans at Killingworth Lake these days - basically because I generally go for a morning swim at the Leisure Centre there on Thursdays and try to remember to check the AT theme before I set off. So if I spot anything suitable I grab a photo on my phone - or even on my camera if I've remembered to pick it up (unusual!).

So this morning I saw this parent swan and 4 cygnets having a grooming session on the grass verge. I thought it made a rather nice "family together" group. I applied the Impressionist filter in the Artistry program.

It's a pretty miserable wet day - "nice weather for ducks" as they say; the swans didn't seem to mind it either!

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