Looking Down...

This was the last day of my younger brother's visit to the Northeast, and he & his wife were keen to go to the Laing Art Gallery in Newcastle, to see the current exhibition entitled "Exposed" - on the art of the nude. So we all went along (apart from my Editor who preferred to do some shopping and then meet us for lunch - but she did give me "permission" to see the exhibition!). It was very tasteful (mostly, anyway), with some fascinating snippets of information about the subjects, artists and photographers. It was sad to read about some (both subjects and photographers) who had succumbed at a young age to AIDS in the late '80s; it reminded me of several young men whom I'd treated for ocular complications of AIDS at around that time - it's great though that treatment of this nasty disease is now so much better.

I decided that I'd better not blip a shot of any of the exhibits - partly because taking photographs would be frowned on, and secondly because they probably (very reasonably) wouldn't pass muster with the blip police. However as we were leaving the exhibition I spotted this blippertunity, as I looked down on the entrance hall from the first floor. Fortunately I had my camera and my fisheye lens with me - blip sorted. The photo even includes the Henry Moore sculpture visible in the bottom part of the photo - I don't think one is supposed to be allowed to take photos of it but from this angle I didn't see any harm in it. Indeed one of the curators saw me busy with the camera and made cheery conversation rather than telling me off so I reckoned it must be OK.

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