Farewell to a Fan

I'm not a fan of breakages.
I'm not a fan of loss.
I'm not a fan of throwing out;
it's hard that final toss.

I'm not a fan of broken things.
yet nor a fan of clutter,
so sometimes, with a parting kiss,
Goodbye's the word I utter.

My parents, when they first retired,
travelled, more than me,
travelled far and wide by air
and road and, yes, by sea.

They brought me back a little fan.
I kept it in a drawer,
until I thought to use it might
yet please me even more.

But wear and tear will have their way
and, though I know I'll miss
my sadly broken tourist's fan,
it's felt my parting kiss.

I haven't thrown their love away;
that stays inside my heart.
I'm not a fan of throwing out
but now it's time to part.

I am a fan of photographs;
in keeping them, I can
from time to time enjoy afresh
the beauty of my fan.

© Celia Warren 2017

Apologies for waxing a tad sentimental on the ditty-front today. But photos are a great way of hanging on to things that have to go.

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