Neil invited me out to lunch today.  Not a good week to be eating out as I need to lose weight this week.  But I went online and checked a few menus. I found a 40% off voucher for Cafe Rouge and there were a few dishes on their menu which weren't too " synful " so I told Neil my choice. Then he said it might be a late lunch as he was going to stay up and watch the Ashes.  He said he would let me know today when he was ready to go for lunch. .

So this morning I got myself sorted.  Had breakfast and waited for him to get in touch.  It got to 2pm.  Nothing.  I messaged him ....... no reply.   3pm. Still no contact.  Messaged him again to say that it was getting a bit late and should we not bother.  No reply.  So around 4pm I just went out to the Co-op. Neil got in touch at 4.15pm to say he had been asleep all day  ....... " staying awake all night had done him in ".  ( I'm not surprised ). I hope he doesn't make a habit of staying up all night to watch the rest of the Ashes ---  if he has work the next day its not a good idea.

So I made myself salmon and salad for my tea - and I really wasn't bothered about missing a meal out.

Today the Abstract Thursday challenge set by Ingeborg  is  Distortion .  So I placed a large shiny spoon on my kitchen bench and this is the result.  I have boosted the colours and used some other effects. ( can't remember what ).

Ingeborg would like all those who post  Abstract Thursday entries to make a list of their favourite 5 entries by Friday or Saturday and post them in her journal on those days.

Steps today - 8,793

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