Morrisons as usual.  It was chucking it down with rain.  And the rain has continued all day.  So dark I've needed the lights on all the time.

Decided to blip this huge box of SweetClems I got in Morrisons - they were only £2 for 2.3kg  - around five pounds in old weight .  A bargain. ( and an emergency blip )

The dismal weather meant I just stayed at home and did nothing much. I went online and booked a couple of tickets for Northern Stage.  Ruby Wax ( April 2018 ) and Graham Greene's Brighton Rock ( May 2018 ).  They will be two very different experiences.

Becky texted.  Her boss casually asked her this afternoon whether she had brought wellies with her.  Well the answer was " of course not ".  Undeterred the boss told Becky that she was being roped in to help him feed his sheep.  So off they went to the South Downs to feed sheep. A very surreal experience to say the least.  And certainly not in her job description.  ( She sent a photo of the sheep and they looked quite unusual with brown fur.  I have " Googled " and they seem to be Balwen Welsh Mountain sheep.)

Steps today - 4,330

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