Arnside and beyond

By gladders


Anyone who knows Arnside will recognise the little pea green boat that is always moored at the water's edge as you head along the prom to Ashmeadow. I'm always trying to get a photo of it, but the light is never right...until today. It was a gorgeous Autumn day spent confined to barracks until 1730 when I made the dash for home, the light was divine and it was clear that the sun would sink in a golden glow.

I try not to talk about work in this journal, and I need to be careful what I say. But I have to say that today, we spent an hour in the most bizarre and perplexing teleconference imaginable which created confusion where there should have been light. So the coastal light this evening when I came home to the village was just what the soul needed. I'm restored.

Restored too is Bob the cat, whom I picked up from the cattery this morning, sleek and slim as he always is after a week in custody. He was so pleased to come home, but then we all were.

The Sicily blips may have to wait for a rainy evening this week - and I hope people aren't too disappointed when they finally appear, I do struggle with photography in very strong light, especially as the sunsets and sunrises are over in minutes.

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