By Missycat

FlowerFriday 24 Poorly

Both Violet and I were very much under the weather today, so we didn't manage to go anywhere, other than Violet had a doctors appointment.  Fortunately it seems she has a viral infection so no antibiotics needed this time.
Despite staying in, the house seemed very busy today: the wonderful J, who helps me with the cleaning was there as always on Fridays, the window cleaner arrived, just as the builder phoned to say he pop round to finish some work in the garden, parcels were delivered...you get the picture!
Fortunately for me I had the help of the Son and daughter #1 later in the day so I could relax a little.  Violet had a day of feeling up and down but was remarkably cheerful and sweet tempered considering how poorly she must have felt.  Photos were not a priority today, but I managed some shots of Violet after her bath, pyjamas on, ready to go home and in extras, one of the several roses still blooming in the garden, despite the date and a sudden drop in temperature.

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