Christmas Lights SwitchOn

In Loughborough. Len came in with Basil and me to see. Starting off at Sainsburys where I managed to buy all the ingredients needed for my gluten free Christmas cake by the time the shop closed.

Then parking in the Carillon Centre car park for 50p. Len very worried about bringing Basil because of the crowds, but Basil managed. The Berber Shop was still open. I got Len to pick Basil up and we forged our way through with no difficulty.

A friendly chat with Aziz and a coffee, while used the doorway to take photos of the proceedings. I like this shot because, by accident, the camera chose the phone as the focus point. I wasn't aiming at it. It simply summarises what a lot of people were doing at this point in the proceedings. This year's panto cast is nicely lined up on the stage beyond. The panto is, naturally, Robin Hood.

Pleasing to see such a large crowd there. The Food Market was still running. I was able to buy a nice cheese for raclette. The raclette cheese itself had sold out but this will be a more than acceptable substitute. Gluten free Italian almond biscuits, French macarons which I was assured were gluten free. Felt sorry for the chap selling wooden house ornaments. He didn't seem to have much trade.

Extras from the switch-on.

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