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Calne (Saturday 25th November 2017)

After the bronze pigs I thought this Sheep and Lamb sculpture might be of interest. It dates from 1997 when Sainsbury's came to Calne. They were commissioned for the supermarket courtyard and were created, like the pigs, by Richard Cowdy. The sculpture came about from a joint venture between Sainsbury’s and Calne Artists’ Group and was sculpted to draw attention to Calne's wool trade heritage.

I've become a bit of a fairweather photographer lately. I spent the day out on Thursday visiting plant nurseries and garden centres in the Box and Atworth areas but my camera remained unclicked. Since then I've been busy on pictures I took in 2010. Many had sensor dust blemishes that I had no means of removing at the time, but now I am able to clone them out, so have been repairing, replacing and salvaging batches of them. Some blips have been cleaned up and a few extras and links to albums added.

The court yard at Sainsbury’s in Calne was the first project by the Calne artists group. Until recent years Calne was an English market town in decline with conservation-type buildings ruthlessly knocked down. Then in 1982 the 100-year-old Harris factory closed, leaving a huge derelict site-part of which is where the new Sainsbury’s store now stands. The town’s response was to set up the Calne project, an environmental watch dog group. Out of this grew the Calne artists. Working with Sainsbury’s architects, the group came up with craft-works which are themed round the town’s agricultural and industrial history, Motifs include early Celtic artifacts, the local landscape and Wiltshire’s famous corn circles. Alan Tilbury contributed two tree’s seats in English oak and fabricated steel, plus a low concave ‘arbour’ seat, while David Reeves designed an ornate forecourt, using Baggeridge brick cobblestones arranged in geometric patterns to evoke corn circles. -  Contribution by Carrie Anne Chapman, Domesday Reloaded website, BBC History

26.11.2017 (1925 hr)

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Taken with Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100 compact

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