Bewick Wren

These little wrens do not sit still for long so I couldn't be choosy about the background.......the suet feeder will have to do. I only saw this one wren yesterday and today......he seems to be unafraid of the other little birds at the feeders, but the smaller birds are afraid of him.....he flits in and out at will without any regard to who is at the feeders.  

It was nice visiting at church with friends I had not seen for awhile; I have many very good friends there. This afternoon I continued with my kitchen clean out......this time I took everything out of the top drawers and vacuumed, then scrubbed them sparkling clean......I discarded a few things, sorted the rest and put back in the logical place. But we will be searching for things for awhile because I move several things to new locations, including the silverware.  :-))  Since we are creatures of habit I know we will have to relearn where to go for what we need.

I will let you know tomorrow if my accounting problem is a quick fix when I get to the Quicken help desk. See you then.

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