Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

It had to be you...

Oh, yes, it had to be a cedar waxwing today, no question.  There have been waxwings and robins in the yard all day, cavorting in the bird baths in between gobbling the fruit from the cedar trees.  What a delight to look out and see these sleek, elegant looking creatures perched on the deck railing, shrubs and trees as they wait for their turn in the bath.  I had to refill the bath on the patio twice today - that's a good day!  I picked this particular shot because I liked that you can see the "wax" wingtips, looking as if they've been dipped in hot red wax.  This indicates that this is a mature bird, as they don't get those signature wingtips for at least a year.  

All the birds gave my mojo a much-needed infusion and I totally enjoyed being out with my camera.  Three other shots on Flickr, starting here with a robin and following with two more waxings.  

I got my new iPhone in the post today and - miracle of miracles - managed to get it all set up without too much cursing.  It's perfectly sized to slip into a pocket and does all the things you'd expect your iPhone to do.  

I made a trip to my doctor today to have him look at the tick bite that I got several days ago.  It had started to form what looked suspciously like a bullseye rash to me, so I didn't want to risk yet another bout of Lyme Disease.  The blood tests for Lyme are notoriously inaccurate so sometimes a visual exam is better.  Anyway, he said the rash looked indicative of Lyme and he wants me on antibiotics for 10 days.  Yuck.  Ticks...nasty little buggers.  

Weather is going to be great tomorrow so I plan to get out for a hike in the morning.  Then, in the afternoon, off to the radiologist for my annual mammogram.  

Thanks for the lovely comments on my sleepy dove yesterday.  


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