Common Enchantments

By MaryElizaR

December Flower

I have had the crud for two days now..most of the time has been spent curled up under a blanket sleeping and trying to breathe.   I can't even remember the last time I was sick with a cold or sinus infection like this..probably when I was still working which is  over 8 years ago.  I can stay up about an hour then I am back on the recliner or snoozing on the sofa.    Since I sweated so much yesterday burning off a fever and this morning was the same,  I think I have gotten this crud on its way out..I hope.    

I saw this little azalea bloom when I took a walk  around the yard to get out in the sunshine.   That lasted about five minutes and I had to sit in the rocker for a few minutes to feel like moving any further.    I hate to be sick because our weather has been in the morning but short sleeve weather by lunchtime.   And I will miss my first Christmas luncheon with a good friend tomorrow as I don't want to take any germs to her and the other ladies at the outing.     Thankful for all the Hallmark Channel Christmas movies on tv...even though I have not seen an entire show yet!  Apparently I can sleep better with a little Christmas cheer on.

Hoping tomorrow will be better...thankful the husband does not seem to be getting it..yet!    

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