Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


I love our little Downy Woodpeckers - they are always around, always adorable, always ready to pose for a photo.  This one was all puffed up when I spotted him, and I wondered if he might be injured.  I was able to approach within a foot and a visual exam showed nothing wrong, so I think he was just taking a break wearing his nice fluffy down coat to brace against the chill. 

Photo taken full frame with about a 10% crop.

I've started putting up some of my favorite Christmas decorations, mostly hand-crafted Santas that I've collected over the years.  Each one comes with memories, so unpacking them them is a an enjoyable trip down memory lane for me.  Tomorrow, SIL and I will decorate the tree. Hard to believe it's already 2 December.

I am hoping to get the cats to pose for holiday photos soon ... we are negotiating their terms at the moment.  Something about more food... And they want to Little Dog to have to wear a silly hat, too.  Tough negotiators, the cats.

Quick chat with my parents this morning - they are in Yuma AZ currently and enjoying beautiful weather.  Can't wait to see them next month in Tucson!



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