A Day Worth Recording

By Cheeseminer


backblip  Day 6

One of the two ancient bridges across the river at Lucerne.  This one, the confusingly named Kapelbrucke, has a tower (which is not a chapel) two thirds of the way across, and has this collection of 17th Century triangular paintings in the eaves.

Today we travelled from Interlaken to Lucerne, from one lake to another and from town to city.  The weather en route was reasonable and we had a comfortable 'panoramic' coach on the train, but the downside of these is that you can't open windows to get a clear shot of the scenery.

Arrival at Lucerne was a bit grey and the place very busy so we didn't have the best of first impressions.  However, by the time we left a couple of days later the place had definitely grown on us, and should we ever return this could well be our choice of base.

The hotel was a rather functional affair this time, very much a business hotel, but well placed in the centre.

There are three headline tourist sights in Lucerne, the wooden bridges, the lion monument, and the wall and its towers.

We found the lion slightly by accident as we wandered around exploring.  Nearby was a seemingly small museum about the glacial history of the geology.  As we had a little while, and my German proved sufficient to negotiate free entry with the rail ticket we had, we had a look around.  It was rather a fascinating mix - and included a very cleverly arranged 'hall of mirrors' - no not the fat/thin/tall type but models arranged within many hexagonal arrays of mirrors.  Very confusing, but extremely well implemented.

We went off in search of a restaurant E had a recommendation for (from the Lonely Planet book I think).  We failed to find it, but crossed the bridges a few times and explored a bit of the wall and it's eclectic set of nine towers; hence choosing the bridge as the blip for today.

We eye'd up a 'ship restaurant' as somewhere to celebrate our 25-years-and-a-week anniversary; and then found some snacks, cake and wine to save money to afford said celebration.

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