Afternoon Barn Owl

I still woke early today - mainly due to our very effective heating! I'm afraid I opened the window and went back to sleep thinking about all the jobs I could do if I got up at that point. I soon fell back to sleep until 9, so a proper long lie in, in the end!

I spent the morning in the conservatory making a few cards. There isn't any heating in there but it was ok. After lunch Jon and I went for a long walk to the other end of the village. It was only just after 2, but we stood for a while and watched this Barn Owl hunting. Unfortunately I only had my phone to photograph. It has been such a long time since I've seen an owl in the village, I certainly wasn't expecting to see one so early in the day. My apologies for the photo quality. It was up by the playing fields and village hall. She seemed successful in her hunt, dropping to the ground several times.

In the afternoon we watched Nanny McAfee 2. I like simple films without violence! Cooked a roast and wrote a poem. Not my best but done for a work thing.

Tonight some tv and a bit of knitting. Then on with the new week. Hopefully headache free as with the last 4 days. It has been a treat for me to feel so well and has made me realise how bad I was feeling before.

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