Rainbow through the drizzle

It was nice first thing, but then it rained for most of the morning. I was chasing my tail at work, so didn't really notice it until lunchtime. At which point it suddenly brightened again, so I was able to get out for a bit more of the dreaded Christmas shopping. It's slow going. I will definitely stay late on Thursday to try and get the bulk of it done, then that will just leave Jon to buy for, and I'll get him something after my next payday on 19th.

Henry met me at work so I left at 4. It's been one of those days. I'll try to do some tidying up tonight. Our house is desperate for it, then more card writing in front of the tv. I have reduced my list, so I am sorry but if you are abroad I haven't sent you one. I might have just forgotten about people too, which I can confidently blame on the menopause, with no malice intended. That might get my stamp bill down a fraction!I think Christmas cards will die out with my generation, as so many of the next generation still have their names tacked on to the end of the cards their parents send, well in to adult hood. What do you reckon? I could be wrong!

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