Upper St Giles Street, Norwich

The church on the right is called St Giles on the Hill. E walked up here at lunchtime, the at the top of Upper St Giles, walked back down Grapes Hill and along St Benedicts Street to the office. A short circuit that we walked in 25 minutes with me stopping occasionally to look at things or take photos. The St John the Baptist catholic cathedral is in the background. An enormously impressive building, built in the late 19th and early 20th centuries but I don't remember the exact dates.

Have had a constant headache again, but not quite as bad or intense, so perhaps it is going now.

Glad to be leaving a bit earlier. The number of 'me' hours I have at home are so small, especially considering i really need to go to bed earlier (9.30 ideally, to read). It leaves me barely 3 and a half hours a day. I dont count the morning as i leave home at 7. So if i can get home at 5.30 today, i want to make Christmas cards with some of my time.

It really doesn't feel like enough time to do the things i want to do. And yet, I'm so lucky. Jon cooks, washes up, does the washing, ironing and hoovering.....actually, what am i moaning about!! I'm married to a domestic God, who works too and is handy with a hammer.

Some people are never satisfied......

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