With one of my favourite faces :-)

Apart from that late lovely 10 minutes, my day has been busy and I’ve been grumpy. I’m usually grumpy if I have a lot to get done, and things get in my way (which inevitably they do) mostly people ringing with stupid questions who take half an hour or more. That was my today, just like yesterday.

I left at 4.45 by which time I had a work headache. I’m soooooo looking forward to working from home tomorrow. I think I’ve done my share of phones to cover tomorrow...and it will be without a head ache.

Aah. Coming back to the 10 minutes of my day that was lovely. This morning I listened to the 30 minute radio show that Mollie and her uni friends had made, for one of their assignments. Mollie was presenting, and sounded so professional. She did an interview with Joe Pasquale, plus loads more talking. Just imagine....one day her voice may be coming out of our radios!!!

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