New life!

I was excited to find my coffee bean (on the right) has at last germinated. It said on the packet it would take 60 to 120 days to germinate, but it was supposed to be kept at between 24 and 27 degrees. It is in the kitchen, where the only heat is from the cooker, so it’s done pretty well, as I only have the thermostat on 12 degrees everywhere else! I’ll keep you updated on its progress! I also brought my tiny new born Cannas in from the greenhouse. I thought of it at about 11pm last night, as I knew it was going to be cold last night, but couldn’t drag myself from my warm bed to rescue them! So I brought them in this morning and hope they continue to grow. I was taking a chance when I planted the seeds that had come off the cannas I brought back from our holiday. I don’t think I really thought they would grow! Anyway, I have 4 that have sprouted, and the parent plants are now in my greenhouse wrapped up. I hope they will weather the cold in there this winter.

I’ve had a good day working from home. Got lots done and am going out to Tap tonight with more energy than usual! It’s our last meeting before we break up for Christmas so we are having a little party - Henry made me some cheese straws to take. They are really tasty!

One more work day this week, then a long weekend (preceded by the dentist on Friday!!)

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