Three ducks in front of a wall

Today was confirmation that summer has arrived, and that it is promising to be hot and long. Reminiscent of childhood summers. being outside would have been preferable to what I spent my day doing. However, after getting home from the hospital, I went for a brisk walk along Ponsonby Road; from the junction with Great North Road to Three Lamps. Just around the corner from Ponsonby Road into Pompalier Terrace is another Paul Walsh decorated utility box.

This one is called Three Ducks. Ever since my childhood, I have been aware of the ubiquitous wall decoration of three flying ducks, always placed on a diagonal. When we did the renovations of the Beach house four or five years ago, S chose a rather stylish version (plain wood with paua around the neck), which I have come to like. On seeing this box, I was stimulated to do a quick search, and found the following in someone's blog; accept it or not as is your choice.

The man responsible for the first duck was appointed chief modeller at Beswick Pottery, Stoke on Trent, in 1939. His name was Arthur Gredlington. He introduced animal figurines to Beswick’s repertoire; farmyard animals,Beatrix Potter figurines and suchlike. It was only a matter of time before his attention turned to the humble duck.

He it was who invented the wall-hung ducks and made them accessible even to the working classes. Their popularity was instant, and some bright spark had the idea of grouping three such figures together on a wall for effect.

When I woke this morning the moon was low and bathed in the light from the rising sun. That is my extra for today

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