Hi ajfkadjdk

adiehk; jidhvuj ejfdahskfuj jekaj jkfd c jekajkhjtja?

You probably didn’t understand a word of that because I was speaking in GPWN language - or to those who don’t know, Grater Pareidolia Wall Nut language, which means, very roughly translated “Hi Everyone, good morning, how are you today?” 

I decided that I would give that woman who lives here - I think she goes by the name of Mrs. HCB - and who wanders around in a pink robe - a bit of a shock this morning by staring at her, but she didn’t flinch!

Apparently, last night when she was cracking some walnuts, and discarded the shells, she said they looked like a face - now is that normal?  I think she’s been on too many painkillers myself, but that’s just my opinion!

Then she got out the cheese grater and started putting a little black box, which I think is called a camera, down into it and making some clicking noises.  Well, when she rearranged the nutcrackers so it looked like a mouth I knew for sure that she had taken leave of her senses - she will soon be singing that song, "They're coming to take me away, Ha ha!"

This morning, down she trips - not literally, you understand - in her pink robe and pink slippers and starts doing it all over again - but this time, she switches to Mono on the little black box and here is the result.  

I don’t think she has ever seen a Grater Pareidolic Wall Nutter, but as soon as that fella came down - I think he’s called Mr. HCB - she was waxing lyrical about what a great Blip it would make.  What's she blipping on about?  I think she is completely doo lally - but again, that’s only my opinion and the sooner they take her away, the better, I reckon.

Signing off now - I need to get out of her way - I think she’s blipping out of her mind!

jfdasuirhek fhaifdisai foie hfdsisi ethici asajfkdajk - which loosely translated means “Have a blipping good day and week!”

"To go out of your mind
     once a day is
          tremendously important,
because by going 
     out of your mind,
          you come to your senses."
Alan Watts

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