Life is a Challenge!

By Honeycombebeach


I blipped the unopened bud on my Christmas Cactus on 27th November, and as this has now opened to show the beautiful flower, I decided that this would make a good Tiny Tuesday blip - I used one of the free boards we got from the shop in Marlborough and am pleased with the result.

Mr. HCB has gone out for a walk with his friend, Barry, so I decided to sit and read for a while, so had my feet up and was happily reading when there was a knock at our front door.  Before I could extricate myself from the chair - and electric chairs don’t go that fast - our video bell outside the side door started playing its tune.  It was a delivery man from Yodel with a parcel for our next door neighbour - he said he had knocked but they were out.  I expressed surprise, as their car was there, but said I would take in the parcel and duly signed for it.  

I asked the delivery man if he had left a card at Number 21 and he said he would do so.  He then proceeded to walk round to our front door and put the card through there!!  I realised what he had done so went to the side door and shouted to him that he had put the card through my door, which was Number 22, at which point out next door neighbour walked down his drive and asked where his parcel was.  The driver said I had it indoors and had signed for it.  You couldn’t make it up so I guess we should put some numbers on our front porch door to say that that too is Number 22!

Ah well, it made us all laugh - and to top it all, I was still in my pink robe!

Whilst out chatting to both neighbours, Lynn said that the dogs that live at the bottom of the road and are always barking, started this morning when someone on a bike with flashing lights came round at about 6.30 a.m.  I said that it was our friend, Keith, who comes round once a month to have breakfast with Mr. HCB - better tell him to turn his lights off next time he comes.  

I thought after today’s hilarious goings-on, a funny Christmas quote was in order:

“I once bought my kids a set of batteries
     for Christmas with a note on it saying,
          ‘Toys not included.’”
Bernard Manning

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