I slept well, although I had lots on my mind, having spoken to my friend, Sue, when she rang me during the evening.  We chatted about us going up for the funeral, but she said that she would rather we went up perhaps in the New Year when she could spend more time with us, so that’s what we will do.

However, my mind was racing this morning, as another friend, who had had some tests about a month ago and a scan last week, was waiting for the results that were due to come back today and she had promised to ring me as soon as she heard any news.

Mr. HCB persuaded me that it would be good for us to go out for a walk, but just as we were about to go, the heavens opened, so we stayed put for a while.  After about half an hour, the sky looked lighter, so we decided to go.  

We have a circular walk that we do, which isn't too onerous and on the way, because I knew that the roof of the farmhouse at Coate, where Richard Jefferies once lived, was being re-thatched, thought it would make a good shot.  If you look back at my Blip of the 3rd September 2016, when I used Jefferies Avenue as part of my Street Challenge, you will see in the bottom right photograph how bad the thatch was then so two years on, it had obviously got much worse.  It was interesting to watch the thatching being done, but we didn't hang around for too long, as the sky was beginning to look rather black!

Whilst I was taking the photograph, my mobile rang and I saw it was my friend, who had obviously had her results.  I could tell by her voice that the news wasn't as bad as it could have been and indeed, she told me that the disease has been contained and although this will mean surgery, it is not as bad as they feared.  As I exclaimed, "Praise the Lord" she said, "That's just what I said to the nurse!"

We are so delighted for her and only after a further consultation with the doctor and after the operation will she know whether or not she needs to have chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy.  However, for now we are happy that the news is better than we had hoped and we pray that the surgery will be over before Christmas, so that she can be at home with her family.

"Christmas is a necessity. 
There has to be at least 
     one day of the year 
          to remind us that we're here 
               for something else 
                    besides ourselves."
Eric Sevareid 

P.S.  Many thanks for all your kind comments, stars and hearts for yesterday's Blip - you are a great bunch!

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