Last night, Lynn, our lovely next door neighbour came round with two gifts - two Number 2 numerals - to be put on our front door so that there could be no mistaking that it is the same house as the one at the side!

I put the numbers on the glass of the front door, just underneath the Nativity that I made when I brought it home from Switzerland about six years ago and decided that this would be my Blip for today.  Christmas is about giving so we are really grateful to Lynn for her thoughtful gift, and the angel just above the large star was a gift from a Blip friend.

It has rained heavily for most of the day;  I got drenched when I went out this afternoon and have just spent an hour and a half on a bus - but I was enjoying listening to a mother explaining to her three little girls aged about 6, 4 and 2, that they would be making gingerbread men on Friday ready to take into school next week.  She said, when I asked, that they were Polish and that they had lots of traditions associated with Christmas. It’s very different when your children and grandchildren have all grown up but of course, it’s the same story of love and peace coming down at Christmas.

The spirit of Christmas is alive and well in our neighbourhood thanks to people like Lynn and Mike.

"All around us at Christmas this year 
     there will be those less fortunate 
          than we are, 
but don't pass up the opportunities 
     God gives you this Christmas 
          to "be charitable" to others."
Dr. David Jeremiah 

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