European Grey Squirrel

The morning disappeared sorting out appointments for my husband’s staples to come out of his knee, as well as several other simple tasks, which seemed to take forever. I have also started marking student’s scripts and the first ones always take a lot longer as a spread-sheet for marks and other documents have to be created.
A misty morning which was slow to clear although the sun came out briefly; both cats went outside for all of thirty minutes.
During the afternoon I had to visit the surgery to get a prescription sorted out, which could not be done by telephone. Then I took Josephine to the garage for her MOT tomorrow. She is very old and I am not sure she will pass.

Today’s picture, taken out of the kitchen window shows a Squirrel eating from the bird feeder. Clearly another job for my to-do-list is to fill up the bird feeders and the squirrel nut box.

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