Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Global Village

Today, G & I visited Jordan, Russia, Iraq, Europe (mainly Spain and London), the Americas (mainly Central and South America), Bosnia(!), Syria, Sri Lanka and Yemen! All in four hours!

We bought real organic Ecuadorian chocolate, ginger honey and a lapis lazuli necklace for a friend's upcoming birthday. We ate Bosnian food for the first time. Saw some Shaolin Knights doing a show and heard some excellent Yemeni musicians. We also met a carpet weaver who will make a rug to order in two days for £20! Amazing.

That was the evening. In the morning, I called in at Volvo for them to take a look at the seat belts on the rear seat passengers. They wanted to keep the car to check it, but I decided to take it back at another time. Whilst there, I saw an absolute mint condition 1992 240. It really is incredible. Not for sale; just on display. It is owned by the local agent. I would love to know where he stored it all this time because everything about the car looks new! Couldn't help recording it here for posterity!

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