Granny Click Click!

By Yana1

1138. WidWed061217 - RIP

Well it looks as though I'm back to daily blipping!  I can't resist the challenges and have now found time to not only take photos but to keep up with journals too....I must take a look at my back Blips now so that I keep my Blips sequential...I'm a bit OCD about that sort of thing!

I always like the wide angle Wednesday challenge as I love Bob's Blips journal and his wonderful aerial here is my sort of qualifies for wide angle as the widest I can get on my bridge camera is 24mm....but the exif data says 12.7mm...don't know how that happened....and the letter "R"...well it is a grave "RIP" would work.....

A truly dreich day today...damp and windy with a storm heading our way and temperatures dropping like a stone over the next few's 3:30pm and our lounge curtains are closed to keep out the cold and dark....roll on Spring...I've had enough of winter already!

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