By mindful_life

Wide Angle Wednesday

Ripples and reflections

For the Wide Angle challenge beginnings with R I chose this beautiful swimming pool photo which I too whilst my son had a swimming lesson. He is like a fish in the water and I love to watch him!

The ripples in the water and the reflections from the lights made me think about the words and their meaning in our lives... many things in our life cause ripples and upset the calm and serenity. Sometimes the ripples can be beautiful even if they don’t appear to be at the time. They can result in change, sometimes for the better, sometimes not but I think everything makes us stronger, even if the pain at heartache the ripples cause at the time seem overwhelming and destructive.

Looking back on the ripples in our life we can reflect in ways we couldn’t at the time. We look at it from a different perspective. Just like these reflections are distorted by the ripples in the water, so too can our perceptions be at the time...

Learn from the ripples in life and reflect on them knowing you have grown in strength

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