Sir John Heron

My favourite school today. They are always so receptive. Great kids and staff who all love our Victorian Christmas workshops. The photo is of Lady Elizabeth and Lady Mary waiting beside the tree in the Queen’s Room to greet the children.

On a personal level, I am already fed up with the festive season. So much to do and so little time. Last year I hated the small tree we ended up with. This year a dreaded plastic one has taken its place. Having vowed never to do a plastic, last year in the sale at LC post Christmas I bought a 7’ white/cream tree for £10. A bargain, I thought. I would be able to have it in the porch. We got it down from the loft this evening and if I put it in the porch, no one will be able to come in(Now there’s a thought!), in fact the only place it will fit is where the usual one goes, in front of the large patio doors. I can’t throw it away (apparently I have to either throw it and buy a tree, or keep it and not have a real one)! I’ve given up, left it and told Mr L to dress it tomorrow. I am on tree strike this year.

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